Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio

Genre: Stealth-Puzzle

Team Size: 8

Position: Lead Designer, Narrative Designer, Artistic Director


Images of A.V.

A.V. consists of several files and links:

Steam Store Pages - Links for the purchase and download of the publically-released game.

Full Game .. Free Demo

Game Website - Follow the game's development and latest news.

Development Blog - Updates on the game's progress from the development team.

Design Document - (Online Version) The root of the mechanics and styling of A.V.

Narrative Design Document - (PDF) The character and plot designs of the game.


Game Details

A.V. introduces us to a rogue music-processing algorithm going by the name of...well, "A.V."  The title character lives within a computer system, and thanks to his newly-discovered sense of self-identity, he embarks on a quest for knowledge and discovery.  Being a music program, A.V. can only interpret his world through the use of sound.  Players see the world as A.V. does - each sound produced within the game passes through the world and interacts with the environment.  By producing sounds, players generate light, enabling them to visualize the game world and successfully navigate through it.  Such action, however, can prove to be a double-edged sword.  With the entire computer system working to track down and destroy A.V., and being ill-equipped to face these enemies, it's in our hero's best interest to remain hidden.  By making careful use of their "Instruments", special musical devices that generate unique effects on the game world, players can find their way through a hostile world and escape from the computer system.

Production Notes

A.V. began as a Graduate-level game design and development Capstone project at R.I.T. in 2013.  I and my colleague, Preston Johnson, serve as the development leads on the project and are responsible for the bulk of A.V.'s design, management, and production.  Full development began in January, 2014, when a number of other team members were brought on to assist in content creation and additional programming duties.  The project was presented at the 2014 GameFest competition at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where it took home the award for Excellence in Sensory Experience.  Following the development of the student project, commercial development of A.V. began in May of 2014 with the help of our publishing partners, MAGIC Spell Studios.  A.V.'s development was also helped along as a result of our successful Kickstarter funding campaign, run over the course of July, 2014.

A.V. was officially launched on Steam in February of 2015, releasing on the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.  Additional content, along with support for Oculus VR, are also being planned for the near future.