Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio


Genre: Racing

Team Sizes: 5, 1

Position: Lead Designer


Images of Hax

This project consists of two pieces:

1. Game Design Document (Online Version) - A detailed view at the inner workings of the game.

2. Conceptual Design Document - The original game concept.


The initial design for Hax was created in the autumn of 2006 as the game Speed HackHax is a racing game that takes place on enclosed, tubular tracks consisting of four walls.  Each wall serves as a surface upon which vehicles can drive.  By moving to a neighboring wall, the player rotates the track map 90 degrees.  As a result, the courses in Hax can disregard gravity and move in any direction.


The original Speed Hack project was a group effort between myself, Adam Mini, Brian George, Michael Mayard, and Trevor McEwen, and each of us focused on a different aspect of the game’s design.  I pitched the original concept to the team and worked to develop the main mechanic, as well as the interface, controls, and navigation setup.  All elements of the game were reviewed by the team before being incorporated, so we each share some degree of responsibility for all pieces of the game.  As an added duty, I compiled the original design document.


I decided to re-envision Speed Hack's original design in September of 2008.  While preserving the main mechanic, I tweaked a number of game aspects to create Hax.  While the new design is entirely my creation, it does still contain many elements developed by the original Speed Hack team.  I created a new, more thorough design document to accompany my changes, which include a revised weapons system, new controls for a new platform, and a reduction in scope from twenty levels to a mere four.  This scope was later re-expanded back to a full twenty levels.  Unfortunately, due to issues with production layouts, Hax has not yet been developed beyond the design stage.  However, the game design itself is fully completed and prepared for further expansion.