Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio

Genre: Real-Time Collectible Card Game 

Team Size: 2

Role: Designer, Writer


This project consists of two files:

1. Game Instructions - Brief document detailing the gameplay of Mission Critical!

2. Sample Cards - A set of cards to use for demo play of the game.


Game & Production Notes
Created over two weeks as a prototype, Mission Critical! is a real-time card game built around a comedic business theme.  As a real-time game, it takes place at an extremely fast pace, with a card being placed every one or two seconds.  In addition to this real-time aspect, Mission Critical! is designed to be a collectible card game.  Each card carries with it specific statistics which prove useful in different situations, just as in many collectible card games, encouraging the collection of as many cards as possible.  However, in something of a meta-game twist, cards can be gained and lost throughout the course of play, altering players' collections with each game.

The prototype of Mission Critical! was created in September, 2012.  I handled the creation of characters and many of the game situations, along with the [absolutely hilarious!] descriptions on the cards.  I also generated most of the balancing between character abilities and attributes.  Co-designer Dan Wild laid out and made the physical cards.  The game has only undergone a few trial runs, so it can surely use some additional balancing moving forward, but I'm very happy with the way it flows.  I'd be very interested in exploring the possibility of turning Mission Critical! into a full game.