Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio

How can an entire game world be an obstacle to overcome?

Why not work with an obstacle to overcome it?


Genre: First-Person Puzzle

Team Size: 1 (through Concept)

Position: Lead Designer





Images of Shimmer


This project consists of two files:

1. Design Document (Online Version) - The detailed blueprint for Shimmer's design.  (PDF Version)

2. Conceptual Design Document - A description of the basic idea behind the game.



Shimmer is a game based around a striking environment  The entire game takes place within a massive hall of mirrors, resulting in disorienting layouts and puzzling visual tricks that present the player with a variety of unique challenges.  It's a game that is deliberately designed to be challenging to navigate through, and indeed, navigating this world serves as the primary goal.  The player takes the role of an unidentified character pursuing a strange light through this unusual world.  Using a combination of lights, lasers, various switches and sensors, and other items, the player must take advantage of the world's reflective nature in order to overcome its visual trickery and find a way out.  Deliberately designed to be a short, concise play experience, Shimmer features three main puzzles taking place within a single, contiguous map. 

Originally conceived in November of 2010, Shimmer is still in the early stages of development, intended for completion before the end of 2011.  Expect new updates as Shimmer's development proceeds.