Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio

Genre: Stealth Horror
Team Size: 3
Role: Level Designer, Co-Designer


This project consists of one file:

1. Prototype (Unity Web Player): The sample level created to demonstrate the game concept.


Production Notes
The Legacy of Sleepy Hollow was developed as part of a graduate degree prototyping assignment under the restriction of creating a level based on a public domain IP of our choosing.  Team members Anthony Saxon, Ben Snyder, and I determined that the horror-based theme of the original Sleepy Hollow IP lent itself well to a stealth-based adventure.  In addition to generating an original level, we created an offshoot of the original story, in effect, a sequel taking place in a modern-day setting.  (This narrative design, including creation of in-game artifacts and voice recording, was largely the work of Anthony Saxon.)  Though the prototype presented here was conceived more as a single level than as a sample of a whole game, the level presented is interpreted as occurring approximately one-third of the way through the narrative.

The original prototype was designed and developed over the span of about five days.  Several weeks later, it was revisited and revised over another week and a half to generate the level seen in this portfolio.  My primary responsibility for the project was the design, layout, and physical build of the prototype environment.  I also scripted some of the level effects and contributed my voice to the closing cutscene.