Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio

About Me

Name: Douglas Brandon Lynn

DOB: February 16th, 1987

Hometown: Bernhards Bay, NY 


My Philosophy
I've found myself asking repeatedly over the years, "What do I believe makes a good game?"  In attempting to answer this question, I've looked deeply into many of my favorite games, analyzing their individual components in an effort to identify common themes.  Through this process, however, I came to discover something: the more I focused on individual pieces of a game, the less appealing the game would become.  I realized that while my favorite games contain well-developed components, the true enjoyment was derived from the way these components blend together.  The overall style or presentation of a game has a lot to do with how a games feels and how a game makes you feel.  I refer to it as Gestalt Game Design, and it's become a big part of my design process.  You can read more about Gestalt Game Design in my gaming blog, "Welcome to Gameland".


The Basics
I grew up in the small town of Bernhards Bay in Central New York.  Oddly enough, I never really considered video games to be of any real relevance to my life.  That is, at least, until I reached high school, at which point I began to take a serious interest in the industry and consider game creation as a career path.  This newfound interest led me to pursue game development as a field of study in college.  Over four years, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Game and Interactive Development with a concentration in Game Design from Champlain College.  During this time, I studied under various industry professionals at the core campus in Burlington, Vermont and during two semesters abroad in Montréal, Quebec, developing games with a fantastic group of students.

Free Time
I’ve been creating games since 2005, when I began my first year at Champlain College.  Prior to college, I spent a great deal of my free time writing and filming short projects and commercials for my high school.  As a further aside, I spent my time drawing, building models, and naturally, familiarizing myself with the world of video games.  Amid all of my many activities, however, there has always been one underlying passion: thinking.  Thinking is the one activity that provides the basis for everything I do.  In my more philosophical moments, I would think about the question, “Why?”  I’ve also come to realize that my creativity stems from thinking about another question, “Why not?”  To me, it’s such an important question, I’ve chosen to make it the theme of my work.