Shimmer Shimmer Tricky Mirrors distort player perceptions of an object's true location. 117328605 Kaleidoscope Tunnel This simple triangular tunnel provides a great example of what makes Shimmer's environment a unique visual experience. 117328612 Laser Beams Laser Beams, which can be visualized with smoke, reflect off of the world to reach inaccessible areas. 117328613 Light Sensor Lasers can be used to power Light Sensors, devices which activate electronically-controlled objects such as doors. 117328606 Light Diffusers Light Diffusers absorb laser light to light a room. Combinations of colors can also be created, while a lens on the Diffuser refocuses its light into a laser beam. 117328607 Gravity Ball The Gravity Ball is a device used to activate mechanical switches in hard-to-reach locations. 117328611 Gravity Ball Go! Gravity Balls travel in straight lines, unhindered by gravity, ricocheting up to five times. 117328610 Possibilities A test of some of the visual possibilities in Shimmer utilizing a sphere within a faceted sphere. 117328609 Testing the Concept An initial look into how simple room layouts become greatly more complicated with the addition of a mirrored surface. 117328608