Brody: Reanimated Brody: Reanimated Gentech Lobby The lobby of a major genetic research corporation. White tile, glass, and stainless steel, for an overly-sanitary feel. 188865070 Lobby Balcony The Gentech lobby viewed from the upper level. 188865066 Classroom Front The high school where one of our main characters works as a substitute teacher. 188865063 Classroom Back Don't forget to to stop and reflect on the "successories" posters we've carefully hung. 188865069 Brody's House Our hero, irrationally afraid of zombies, has spent the past few years as a hermit. 188865065 Rick Bot An old companion of our heroes, left sitting on a shelf amidst the numerous works of Jimmy Carter. 188865064 Insert Character Here A car seat, ready to have a 2D character drawn on top. 188865062 Dive Bar 1 A romantic locale if ever you saw one. 188865068 Dive Bar 2 Bustling with activity...after processing, at least. 188865075 The Bunker An assortment of weapons...anything you could possibly need. 188865073 Bunker 2 Care for a bat? An axe? A watermelon? 188865067 Bunker 3 Guns? Wooden stakes? Bins full of grenades? 188865076 Graduation The high school auditorium, circa 2005. 188865074 Luxury Yacht Because what wealthy business owner wouldn't want one? 188865072