Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio

Though I largely consider myself a designer of electronic games, there's more to game design than just the world of video games.  Now and then, it's nice to spend some time away from the digital interface and look at game design from a more "traditional" perspective.  Below is a small collection of card-based games I've worked on in between my primary electronic projects, ready for your enjoyment.

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The Business Card Games
Full Card Game Collection
Game Designer

Four games, one tiny card.  Using a single game board, these games are designed to serve as pastimes for people I meet at conferences and industry events.  As a game designer, why not have a business card that demonstrates that fact?

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Mission Critical!
Card Game Prototype
Game Designer

In the fast-paced business world, you'll need to do whatever it takes to be the best company around!  Reward isn't without its risk, though - be careful how you play, or you'll lose your personal card collection to your opponents.

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