Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio

Game design is a major interest of mine.  Of course, that doesn't mean I devote every piece of my time to the act of designing games.  My range of other interests, however, often overlaps with fields relevant to the process of designing and developing games.  Chief among these relevant interests are 3D modeling and writing.  Below are a few examples of these works.

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3D Modeling runs a series of challenges related to the practice of 3D modeling for game development.  In the spring of 2013, I took part in their static modeling challenge, "The ESCAPE".  My submission, "The Laboratory", features a character escaping from a truly horrifying place - a 3D modeling program.  Final renders are seen running via Unreal Development Kit.

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GDC Game Narrative Review

Each year, GDC's Narrative Summit features a contest for game development students, asking them to review the narrative aspects of a game of their choosing.  In the 2013 competition, my review of 2002's Metroid Prime earned me one of three Platinum Awards (and, incidentally, a free All-Access Pass to GDC), allowing me the honor of present my paper and accompanying poster at the conference.

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Brody: Reanimated
3D Modeling

In some of my time spent away from solid game design, I've joined together with a group of friends to assist in the development of an animated film, Brody: Reanimated.  Though the film is presented as a 2D-animated feature, I've been working to build background environments in 3D to provide full scenes which we can photograph from any angle to fit our needs.  Incidentally, I also contributed to the script, wrote the trailer, and provided voice work for Brody: Reanimated.  This film is currently under development.


The Jumping-Off Point

In the summer of 2012, I wrote my own book, which I took the liberty of having published the following summer.  The Jumping-Off Point: A Social Experiment takes a collection of quotes made by my friends and me on social networking sites, arranges them, and weaves from one to the next to form an elaborate, humorous, and largely untrue description of our world.  Available through various channels as an eBook and thrugh as a hardcover.

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