Doug Lynn

Game Design Portfolio

At the end of the day, my efforts as a game designer are centered around developing digital games.  Video games offer a particularly fascinating opportunity for design - some video game mechanics simply can't be adequately expressed in other media, or indeed, other types of games.  I've worked in a variety of genres and covered a variety of roles, but my primary focus has always been design.  Listed below is a collection of some of my works in the field of electronic game design.  Each is accompanied by my primary role on the project, as well as the form that the project takes.

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Published Unity Game (PC, Mac, Linux)
Lead Designer, Narrative Designer, Artistic Director

As a computer's musical software, you can only experience your world through sound.  Use your Instruments to alter the world and find your way around, but watch're not alone, and the computer will do whatever it can to stop you from escaping.

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Project I
Unreal 3 Mod
Level Designer

You've lost the one thing no one could take away - your memories.  In a world of fear and anxiety, all that can save you are your memories of happiness and bliss.  Discover yourself again!

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The Legacy of Sleepy Hollow
Unity Prototype
Level Designer

Move through this single-level prototype in a modern-day sequel to the classic tale.  Your flashlight could help you to navigate to a safe haven, but in this forest, you may be better off hiding in the dark.

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Beat Ball
Virtools 4.0 Prototype

Follow the bouncing balls in this physics-based music creation program.  Use the ball launchers to craft rhythms, beats, and melodies, and watch your music take a fun, visual form.

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